Hey, I’m Paula! I am a marketeer with a passion for productivity and a “You Can Do This!“ approach to work, life and habits.

I help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs take back their calendars and manage their creative task lists with intention and less procrastination so that they can perfectly balance content creation and social media with their daily schedules, personal life and growth. Prioritization is key…. and I’m going to teach you my ways.

I got into marketing with a secret entrepreneur ambition: to understand what drives people to buy a product or service. Hey, it runs in my family! I was helping my parents run their small business ever since I can remember, and I always knew that at some point I will have a business of my own. After finishing my Master’s, I started working as a junior marketeer. My team was amazing and so diverse. I’ve learned so much and I was loving it.

After a few years juggling and learning how to navigate a big organization and multi-task my way through it all, I wanted a challenge. I started outsourcing my skills and helping small businesses storytell their brands locally and driving their dreams forward.

I fell in love with the small business hustle once again. You are never closer to passionate founders than in a small business. I wanted to pursue this and I found my perfect fit in a tech startup, and for the past couple of years it’s been the place where I pour my creative energy.

Fast - forward a few years LATER…

I have my own small team of marketeers and facing the crazy ride of doing it all with super limited resources! I have to deliver fast and top notch, across multiple channels and projects starting with email marketing, content creation, social media, paid search, partner marketing …. and the list goes on! Think multiple hats … but on steroids.

I was working 60 hours per week and felt like I was drowning…

As ambitious as I was, I was no wizard or time-traveler…. until I started taking notes in this new planner, and it changed my life. I started writing things down, tasks, dreams, themes and use them to guide my day, and soon entire weeks and months were all planned. The planner itself was nothing special, but I realized that the only to achieve everything I wanted was to learn how to master planning and content productivity.

Enter self-help podcasts, books, coaching programs and e-books. They all made me realize that taking back time is possible, you just need to keep your eyes on the prize. Time itself.

And so I decided to change my entire routine.

First I started planning one day in advance, then I planned my workload for the week, then I looked at months and now I think of planning with a yearly focus. When I say long term planning, I am not referring to micro daily tasks, but more like goals and milestones I want to hit, and how to achieve them by breaking them down to achievable bits.

I took back my schedule and I am going to show you how to do it too.

Once I saw crazy changes in the output of my days, I was completely sold! My productivity spiked up and somehow I was able to fit way more into my day while handling work-life balance and working less hours.

With every goal that I achieved, I became more confident and happier of my achievements. I was able commit to my new morning routine of putting in a workouts and was able to plan everyone else in my day and not run my days at random based on the things that came up. It changed everything and I never look backed since!

I realized you have to prepare in advance for everything you want to achieve. I learned you have to map out your plan to get there, whether it’s creating content, running your business or managing multiple projects at once.

I can’t wait to show you how good it feels to know that you have a plan and every day you get out of bed knowing exactly how to achieve it. Step by step. Intentionally.

If the bellow sounds like you:

  • Late or unprepared for your day, dreading all the things you have to get through.

  • Not having time to write blog posts or to post on social media.

  • Having so many different things to to and not knowing where to start.

  • Working on task after task without any sense of actually getting things done.

  • Feeling stuck in your role and not sure how to conquer and move on to your next dream

  • Feeling afraid or stuck in analysis paralysis about making a step towards launching a business or new career opportunity.

  • Working on task after task without any sense of actually getting things done.

  • Feeling guilty or thinking you are an impostor in your role.


Discover how to take back your day, start working towards your goals and achieving those crazy dreams. I’m telling you it’s possible, and you CAN do it.